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Orbit Core Desktop Framework

This is the homepage for all documentation about Orbit GT's core desktop solution Orbit GIS both standalone and client-server.

Main Toolbar
Main Toolbar Overview of the main toolbar functions and more information about the Workspace, Print en Help main bar tool and menus.
Inspector Open the Object Inspector to get all information about the selected objects.
Preferences Open the preferences window. Preferences are user settings, define how you would like to use Orbit.
Measure Measure lengths, areas, circles, perpendicular distances and angles on the Map 2D.
Select Select vector data on the Map 2D.
Search Search on vector attributes of available datasets.
Tools Sidebar to all Orbit's standard tools for spatial editing, constructions, annotations and other tools.
Library Find any supported resource and to add it to the current workspace using the Resource Library.
Dataset List & Datasets
Datasets & Dataset Lists Homepage for everything about the Dataset List and its including Datasets. How to open, import, create and remove datasets.
Dataset Operations Set dataset visibility, Activate dataset, Record dataset, Save dataset edits, Cancel loading dataset, Arrange dataset.
context_menu Right click the dataset in the dataset list to get access to all dataset related settings and properties.
Dataset Properties View the dataset information and attribute component, edit the dataset structure, link the dataset to external tables and change the presentation of the active dataset.
Dataset Legend Editor Edit the legend and presentation of the dataset objects, display attribute values as labels or charts.
Dataset Attribute Table View Display the dataset attribute table.
MapCanvas Homepage for everything on and about the Map 2D, Map 3D and Layout view.
Map 2D Menus The Map 2D menus Navigation, Selection (select, find and query objects) and Edit.
Map Statusbar The status bar displays the active function, map CRS, map scale and the mouse pointer coordinates.
Layout Print layout view. Must only be used to prepare and to make your map Print.
Map 2D Tools
Map 2D Tools Overview Homepage for the Orbit 2D tools for editing, constructions, annotations and others.
Edit tools Tools to create and edit vector data using the edit sidebar.
Construction tools Tools to add constructions using the constructions sidebar to assist high accurate vector editing.
Annotation tools Tools for annotation and redlining available via the annotation sidebar. Quickly add and exchange some remarks on the Map 2D.
Additional tools : Convert Image Format, Make Multiresolution Image, Create Buffer, Georeference Image and Vector, Make Symbol Library Image, Make Legend Display Image
Map 3D Tools
Map 3D Tools Overview Homepage for the Orbit 3D tools for point cloud processing, selection and editing..
Point Cloud Tools Sidebar Tools to edit presentation, select, export and delete point cloud data.
Additional tools : Optimize Point Cloud, ..
Tabs & Inspectors
Object Inspector The Object Inspector provides detailed insight in the properties of the selected objects in the MapCanvas
Asset Inventory Extension tab of Orbit Mobile Mapping Asset Inventory.
GPS Photography Extension tab of Orbit GPS Photography.
Mobile Mapping Extension tab of Orbit Mobile Mapping.
Obliques Extension tab of Orbit Obliques.
Stereo Extension tab of Orbit UAS Mapping.
Print and Export
Print and Export Print the map, Export datasets or selected objects and other Orbit export possibilities.
Orbit GIS Tutorials Preliminary list of Orbit GIS tutorials.

Latest Update Orbit GIS
Orbit Core desktop framework Update 11.0 - June 2014

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