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Orbit 3DM Publisher Console

This page describes the 3DM Publisher Console.
return to Orbit 3DM Publisher.


  • Mobile Mapping, UAS Mapping and Oblique data can be combined into one publication.
  • A Publication is a well-defined combination of Reference Data (Basemaps and Vector Overlays) and Mobile Mapping, UAS Mapping and Oblique resources.
  • A Publication can be public or shared with specific users that are created in the console.


To open the console, browse to http://<sercice ID>:<port>/console/

  • Server ID: Can be the server IP, DNS or on the server itself localhost.
  • Port: Default port will be 1111. To allocate a different port, see Orbit Enterprise Service.
  • The Admin user can log in to the console with the default password 'admin'.
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