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  • Every publication is configured with resources and available settings. They can be shared with users via a URL that is/isn't protected with a login.
  • A publication can have unlimited access (depending on the number of logins) but can also have a minimum and maximum amount of sessions to be available at all times.
  • Publication activity can be monitored via extensive logging. Warnings appear when a user doesn't have permissions, correct credentials or when there are no sessions left.
  • A publication can be made available as a WFS or WMS service.

Create Publication

Click 'New' in the top right corner to create a new Publication. Enter a unique publication name and hit enter or click on the create publication button.

Specs & Tags

Double-click on a publication to open the Specs & Tags page. This page displays publication information and can be updated at all times.

Viewer and Resources

Click to edit publication in the viewer as an administrator.

An online thumbnail can be added by copying the logo URL to Thumbnail Hyperlink. An offline thumbnail can be added by copying the thumbnail file to this folder: …\Orbit 3DM Publisher\server\program\wwwroot\thumbnail. Copy the URL structure http://<service ID>:<port>/thumbnail/<filename> to the Thumbnail Hyperlink. For example http://localhost:1111/thumbnail/thumbnail.png

Logo Mode

When publication logo is selected an online logo can be added to the publication by copying the logo URL to Logo Hyperlink. An offline logo can be added by copying the logo file to this folder: …\Orbit 3DM Publisher\server\program\wwwroot\logo. Copy the URL structure http://<service ID>:<port>/logo/<filename> to the Logo Hyperlink. For example http://localhost:1111/logo/logo.png

Help Menu Item

Add a link to the help menu of the viewer.

Add a link to the top left corner of the viewer.


Add tags to publications and re-use them for filtering and linking them to resources and resource groups.


When toggled on click “get capabilities” to view parameters and available layers.

Toggle on/off sidebars, view modes or settings so that they are available/unavailable for users. More information on Orbit 3DM Viewer


Edit in Viewer

Open the publication as administrator to add resources and change the layout/settings of the publication.

View Resources

Open the list of added resources to the publication.

View Users

Open the list of users that have access to the publication.


  • Login Required: Disable/Enable a required login to access the publication. Toggle on the user and/or user groups that have access.
  • Maximum Concurrent Sessions: Set the maximum number of concurrent sessions for the publication.
  • Reserved Concurrent Sessions: Set the minimum number of reserved sessions for the publication. At all times, there will be this many sessions available for the publication. The number of reserved sessions cannot be higher than the amount of available sessions. New publications are by default not available for users. Therefore the maximum and reserved concurrent sessions are enabled and set to 0.
  • Limit to IP: Limit the access to the publication by IP Address. The IP address of the client computer that opened the Publication and that is used to connect and seen by the Publisher Server, is set.


  • Logins: A List of all the successful logins displaying date, user, source IP, concurrent Publication and Concurrent Publisher.
  • Sessions: A List of all the current and historical sessions displaying the user name, start and stop time, duration of the session and information on the user.
  • Warnings: A List of unsuccessful login events displaying the time, type of event, user name and source IP address. The events can be:
    • A yellow warning symbol indicates that a user entered the wrong credentials or didn't have access to the publication.
    • A red warning symbol indicates that there weren't any remaining publication sessions or publisher sessions.
  • Concurrent Usage: A graphical representation of concurrent usage by hour, days or week.


Open the publication URL in a new window.

Duplicate - Delete

Duplicate or delete the publication.

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