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  • Only the admin user has access to the 3DM Publisher Console.


Information on the version and build date of the current installation.

Product Activation

Activation of the license key and information on the type of license, expiry of the license, expiry of maintenance and the number of concurrent sessions.

Admin User

Change the password for the admin user.

Limit the access to the console by one IP Address. The IP address of the client computer that opened the Publisher Console and that is used to connect and seen by the Publisher Server, is set. This can be either the client's local IP address when connecting to a LAN connected on-premises Publisher or the network's Public IP when connecting to a remote Publisher server.

Password Policy

A password policy can be created and updated at all times.

Support Contact

Give up the name and email address of the support contact to display at failed login attempts to publications.


Logging of publication activity and throughput can be done to local files in the Publisher installation or directly to connected database.

Server Uptime

Display of the server uptime.

Open the throughput table to see the incoming and outgoing throughput per hour, day, week and month.

Dismiss Auto Warning

Set the time when publication warnings are automatically dismissed.

Logins warnings are invalid credentials and users having no permissions. Session warning are no publisher sessions and no publication sessions.

Enable logging

Enable logging of access to publications. The local log files can be found on this location: ..\Orbit 3DM Publisher\server\program\services\publisher_3dm\logs

Connect to a database where the logging tables will be saved. More information on JDBC Database Connections. For every logged topic a separate table is automatically created.

A general organization logo can be set to be used by publications. Choose a rectangular image file. An image file with a size bigger than 80×80 pixels will be resized.

An online logo can be added to the organization by copying the logo URL to Logo Hyperlink. An offline logo can be added by copying the logo file to this folder: …\Orbit 3DM Publisher\server\program\wwwroot\logo. Copy the URL structure http://<service ID>:<port>/logo/<filename> to the Logo Hyperlink. For example http://localhost:1111/logo/logo.png

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