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Resources & Resource Groups

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Resource Concepts

  • Multiple resource types can be added to the console by giving up the location path of the resource.
  • All the Mobile Mapping runs, UAS Mapping runs and Oblique projects should be HTML5-ready. More information: Catalog.

Resource Group Concepts

  • Use Resource Groups to open multiple resources as one in a Publication.
  • Only homogeneous resources can be placed into one Resource Group.
  • For performance reasons, limit the number of resources to 10-50.

Add Single Resource

Click 'New' in the top right corner to add a resource.

Browse to the resource file to add a new resource or copy and paste the path of the resource file (Shift + Right mouse click on resource file to copy path). The allowed Orbit formats can be found on Supported Generic Resources.
When using network storage, the use of UNC file path is required.

When using mapped network drives, use the “net use” command to get to know the UNC file path prefix of the mapped network drive.
In Command Prompt, enter the following command to view the remote path of a network drive:


Add Resource Group

Click 'New' in the top right corner to add a resource group.

Fill in a name and select the resource group type. Hit enter or click create resource group.

Import/Update Multiple Resources

Click “Import multiple” on the create resource page in the top right corner.

Import or update multiple resources simultaneously via a .txt or .csv file. Every line represents one resource with comma-separated parameters. Add parameters in the same order as in the example below.

File location,Resource Name,Copyright,Copyright Url,Building,Floornumber,Floorname,Date Start,Date Stop,Timezone,Description,[tag1,tag2]
E:/Data/BEGhentbyTopcon/orbit_mm_run.omr,Gent,Orbit GT,,5,1,First,2019-01-02,2019-02-01,Europe/Brussels,Gasmeterlaan,["Belgium", "Ghent"]

The given parameters must be conform with the parameter selection in the “Select Columns” dropdown.

Specs & Tags

Double-click on a resource or resource group will directly open the Specs & Tags page. This page displays resource or resource group information and can be updated at all times.

The copyright is visible at the bottom right corner of the publication including the resource.

Clicking on the copyright in the publication opens this URL.


Selecting this option will enable this resource to be used as Basemap.


Selecting this option will enable this resource to be used as Terrain.


Add a building tag to enable a sidebar that allows switching between buildings.

Floor + Floor Label

Add a floor level to enable a sidebar that allows switching between floors. Make sure every floor has a unique floor label.

An online thumbnail can be added by copying the logo URL to Thumbnail Hyperlink. An offline thumbnail can be added by copying the thumbnail file to this folder: …\Orbit 3DM Publisher\server\program\wwwroot\thumbnail. Copy the URL structure http://<service ID>:<port>/thumbnail/<filename> to the Thumbnail Hyperlink. For example http://localhost:1111/thumbnail/thumbnail.png

Date Start + Date Stop

Fill in the start and stop date of collecting the data to use the resource in the timeline.


Select a timezone in which to display timestamps in the viewer.

Resource Group Specific: Dynamic Resource Group

The runs of the resource group that are loaded in a publication will be limited to those where the coordinates of the center of the reference view are located in the bounding box

  • The Min-Z Fallback and Max-Z Fallback set the vertical range wherein the runs will be loaded.
  • The distance indicates the horizontal radius wherein the runs will be loaded. The envelopes (bounding box) of the runs are used to check if they overlap with this search area.
  • The time indicates how long the runs stay loaded. If you switch from point A to B and the time is set to 10 seconds. If you go back to A within 10 seconds, the run will still be loaded. If you go to A in more than 10 seconds, the run will have to be reloaded.


Display of the resource type and CRS.

Spatial Bounds

Display of the spatial bounds.


Add tags to resources and re-use them for filtering and linking them to resource groups and publications.


Duplicate - Delete

Duplicate or delete a resource or resource group. All actions are available on all resource and resource group pages.

Resource specific: Reload

Reload a resource. This action is available on all resource pages.

Resource Group specific: Setup

On the setup page toggle on the slider to add a resource to the resource group.

Search on #active or toggle on 'Active' to filter on the added resources.

This action is available on all resource group pages.

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