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Orbit 3DM Publisher

Reference documentation of Orbit 3DM Publisher.

The Orbit 3DM Publisher hosts and shares any type, any size of Reality Data, Mapping Resources, and GIS Resources from an on-premises server via HTTP/WS into the Orbit 3DM Viewer WebClients.
The Orbit 3DM Publisher includes 3 product components:

  • Publisher Server: Service hosting Publications and manages Resources, Users, and Permissions.
  • Import and Upload Tool: Desktop application used to import, prepare and optimize all resources.
  • Viewer, Viewer SDK, and Plugins: WebClients, solo or integrated.


Product Components

Concepts & Technology

Flash Legacy

The Orbit 3DM Publisher, Console, and Viewer are Html5 ready.
Upon request, the Mobile Mapping and Oblique Publisher Flash components remain available and can be re-added to the current setup to support your legacy workflows.
Documentation is available via the archived version 20.9:

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