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Share Data

You would like to share 3D mapping data and/or reference resources in a publication via:

You can get data ready for sharing with:

Prepare the resources

Use the Catalog tab and sidebar to keep an overview of your data and to check if the data is ready for sharing.

  1. Decide which data you want to share and prepare them properly:
  2. Add resource to the Catalog.
  3. Optimize data
  4. Check if resource is ready for upload in the Catalog.

Merge 3D mapping runs

The Orbit team advises having:

  • a maximum of 20 resources in a publication.
  • the resources at their lowest granularity of how you want to present them to the user in a publication.

There are three options to merge your 3D mapping data accordingly to the above advice:

    • When? Use this option if you don't want to visualize the runs one by one.
    • What? Merge several 3D Mapping runs into one large run.
    • When? Use this option if you do want to have the runs separate or if the data is delivered to you one by one, not giving you the option to prepare them all at once; and if the runs represent data in another location. You can interpret this as that the bounding boxes around the runs are (almost) not overlapping.
    • What? Dynamic resource groups are resource groups of which the runs are not loaded in all at once at starting up the publication. Only the resources that are within the current view of the publication are loaded in. This increases performance when you have a large number of runs.
    • It's important that the different resources are not all in the same location. Otherwise, you end up in the same situation as with a normal resource group.
    • Using dynamic resource groups wisely, the maximum number of resources is not relevant anymore.
  1. Create several publications with fewer resources.

Make the resource available in the console of the sharing software

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