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Resource Groups

This page describes the page 'Resource Groups'.
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  • Use Resource Groups to open multiple resources as one in a Publication.
  • Only homogeneous resources can be placed into one Resource Group.
  • For performance reasons, limit the number of resources to 10-50.

Add Resource Group

Click 'New' in the top right corner to add a resource group.

Fill in a name and select the resource group type. Hit enter or click create resource group.

Specs & Tags

Double-click on a resource group will directly open the Specs & Tags page.

Name + Description

Fill in a name and description for the resource group.

Floor + Floor Label

Add a floor level to enable a sidebar that allows switching between floors.

Date Start + Date Stop

Fill in the start and stop date of collecting the data to use the resource group in the timeline.

Dynamic Resource Group

The runs of the resource group that are loaded in a publication will be limited to those where the coordinates of the center of the reference view are located in the bounding box

  • The Min-Z Fallback and Max-Z Fallback set the vertical range wherein the runs will be loaded.
  • The distance indicates the horizontal radius wherein the runs will be loaded. The envelopes (bounding box) of the runs are used to check if they overlap with this search area.
  • The time indicates how long the runs stay loaded. If you switch from point A to B and the time is set to 10 seconds. If you go back to A within 10 seconds, the run will still be loaded. If you go to A in more than 10 seconds, the run will have to be reloaded.


Display of the resource group type, CRS and number of resources


Add tags to resource groups and re-use them for filtering and linking them to resources and publications.


Toggle on the slider to add a resource to the resource group. The slider to select all resources can be applied after filtering.

Search on #active or toggle on 'Active' to filter on the added resources.

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