Orbit Translator Zone

Translate Tags

Tags as in descriptions, buttons, labels, and tooltips are available for translation via the Orbit Translation App.
3DM desktop and 3DM Viewer are available for translations. 3DM Publisher Console and 3DM Cloud console cannot be translated. Find here the overview of the currently available languages.

According to granted permissions, your Orbit GT Account has access to translate tags of a list of Orbit Components into the requested language.

Download Language Snapshot

Download Tags and Verify Translations.

Run-time verification of new translations is available for desktop products only.
Contact Orbit Support to get access to our test environment to verify 3D Mapping Viewer translations, prior to release

  1. Download a language snapshot into your locally installed Orbit GT Product, see Language Snapshot Utility.
  2. Run the desktop product using the downloaded translated tags to review and debug your translations, see Orbit Translation Settings.

Beta Versions

Translators do have access to a Beta version of the upcoming release, contact Orbit Support

General Guidelines

Length of translated texts

Beware of the fact that most texts have a specific place in the software, and that the size is mostly limited.
Use the length of English text as a reference of the available minimum length for translations.

Supported characters

The full UTF-8 character set can be used for translations.

Completeness of translations

Take your time to complete and check all translations.
If tags are missing, contact Orbit Support.

Do not use the translation tool in a customer setup

Do not copy the translation tool in a customer's setup. It includes your strict personal reseller login and password.
To add translations that are not yet included in our software builds, just copy the downloaded translations snapshot file to the customer's setup. Note, keystrokes are no longer available when copying the language snapshot file.

Translations in the released software versions

At software release, all translations are automatically embedded into the software builds.

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