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Orbit 3DM Viewer

Reference documentation of Orbit 3DM Viewer for Orbit 3DM Publisher and Orbit 3DM Cloud.

Access Orbit 3DM Viewer

3DM Viewer Concepts & Plugins


SDK & Plugins

3DM Viewer User Interface

The Sidebar can be placed at the left or right-hand side and gives access to the Search field, Add View functions, Feature Sidebars, Floor Picker, Viewer Catalog, and Viewer Settings.


The centered component has at least 1 and a maximum of 4 Individual Views and optionally 1 Reference View.
Resources can be loaded via the Viewer Catalog, the resource visibility and presentation can be set via the Resources Sidebar, and the overall view composition is managed via the Workspace Sidebar.

Viewer Menu

The viewer Menu is placed at the opposite side of the Sidebar and gives access to the Application Menu, Help, and the Base Map flyout.

Search & Add View

Feature Sidebars

Floor Picker

Viewer Settings & Catalog

Reference View and Individual Views

View Actions

All View Actions, except Change View Mode and Close View, are available via the View ID icon.

  • Timeline

Application Menu


Base Map

Including plugin source code
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