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Converting objects to annotations is possible under Orbit 3DM Content Manager and Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction Basic/Standard/Pro using version 21.10.0.


Annotations are a step of the import procedure workflow for all types of mapping runs: Mobile, Aerial or Oblique by using the corresponding Procedures. Objects as Annotations can be imported from Context Insight Bentley IA Engine or from another third-party application.
Object to annotations is a supplementary options added to the already exiting Annotations Blur and Erase available in Orbit 3DM Content Manager.

Create and Update

The process of converting objects into image annotations is based on .xml files and relays on one or multiple images. Once the .xml file is imported, Annotations will overlap with the panoramic views and/or point clouds.
Annotations' tags and attributes coming from automatic detections can be managed, analysed, or edited inside Orbit. The process of working with annotations is realized per image in Orbit.
Image Annotations preferences can be parametrized under Preferences of Mapping and Image Annotations to Objects. To visualize annotations in Views, select “Show image on Views” and “Show tags to show image pixels on Views” under Preferences of Mapping.


Use the Catalog Tab to prepare data for sharing and rendering in the Orbit 3DM Viewer within Orbit 3DM Cloud and Orbit 3DM Publisher.


Example of objects that can be imported as annotations: cars, people.

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