This is documentation of an archived release.
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Preferences of Mapping

This page describes the preferences related to all Mapping extensions.

Main Toolbar > Preferences > Mapping


Primary Mapping Extension

Select the primary mapping extensions that will be used for

Synchronize Views

Synchronize all views to the same focus coordinate.

Synchronize Map from Views

Synchronize the map component to the views.

Follow Zoom

Follow the zoom activity in all views.

Force equal Zoom

Force an equal zoom in all views. Available when 'Follow Zoom' enabled.

Views in Tab

Arrange the views horizontal, vertical or tiled in the mapping tab.

Display viewing direction label

Display the viewing direction at the top of the view.

Rearrange the Views in 1 overview panel

Open 1 panel with all the different mapping type views.

Display Image Annotation on Views

Display the annotations on the opened image in the mapping view.

Display tags

Available when Show image pixels in views' enabled.

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