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Trees Analysis

This page describes the Orbit desktop extension “Trees Analysis”.

Feature Extraction Pro

Main Toolbar > Extensions > Trees Analysis


The “Trees Analysis” extension automatically detects trees based on a point cloud and set of user-defined parameters.


Use the generic workflow for Point Cloud Based Extensions to define the source file.

The method for the range of interest is 'Area', 'Path' and 'Seed points'.

Parameters, Detectors (Trees along path + Seed Points)

Parameters, Candidates (Trees along path)

When creating a new project the parameters are read from Preferences of Detectors and basic set of the parameters is displayed on the sidebar; advanced parameters can be accessed by small grey circle above basic parameters.

Changing parameters in the sidebar influence the currently opened project immediately, while Parameters in the Preferences are only taken into account at the moment of Project creation.


Before running the detector on the range of interest, use this step to test if objects are detected as expected.


Measure the object to test if the parameters are defined correctly.


Run the test measurement. If the object conforms with the parameters then the message “Feature is detected” will be shown, otherwise Orbit will provide a tip on the calculated statistics and recommendation on which parameters need to be changed for this feature to be detected as a feature of interest.


Clear the current test measurement.

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