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Preferences of Tree Detection

This page describes only the parameters and preferences of Tree Detection.
Full documentation about concept, workflow and sidebar, see Automated Feature Extraction.
General concepts of Detectors Preferences, see Preferences of Detectors.

Basic Parameters

Ground From Trajectory

Relative position of the ground to trajectory. Ground height is defined by trajectory height.

Search Slice Height Min

Minimum height of the slice to get the trunks.

Search Slice Height Max

Maximum height of the slice to get the trunks.

Grid Cell Size

The size of a cell in the scanning grid.

Grid Cell Pts Min

Minimum number of points required in a scanning grid cell within the search slice.

Histogram Cell Size

The size of a cell within the histogram grid. These cells are used to identify density peaks on the horizontal slice to get the trunks.

Histogram Cell Pts Min

The minimum number of points in a histogram cell, within the search slice height min and max. To make it count as possible trunk.

Trunk Diameter Max

The maximum diameter for a trunk.

Distance Between Trunks Min

The minimum distance between two trunks of two different trees to be detected.

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