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This page describes the desktop extension “Delivery” for Mobile Mapping.

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The “Delivery” extension makes it possible to merge Runs or to select an Original Run Segment and to define optionally an area of interest to process and optimize a single Delivered Run or to export the Run resources to any supported format to be used by third party software.

Delivery requires :

  • An Original Run1) is required to select and export a Run Segment.
    To merge Runs any combination of Original, Consolidated or Delivered Runs can be used.
  • To merge Runs, the image naming requires to be unique over all involved Runs.
  • To merge Runs, the Run structure, the dataset structure of the photopositions and coordinate system require to be the same.


Make a new delivery, choose a recent or already existing delivery.
Close delivery to close the current settings. Edits will be saved on the fly.
Delete delivery to delete all the settings for the current delivery.


Catalog list
Add runs from the catalog tab to the delivery. By checking the option “Use fence boundary”,a part of the selected catalog runs can be delivered. The fence selection is based on geographical location. A fence can be created using Construction Tools. By selecting multiple runs from the Catalog, a merged run can be created.

Select a segment on the map to use as selection of data to make a delivery. The segment option selects a part of the trajectory based on timestamps. Pointcloud, images and trajectory captured within the same timeframe will be exported.


Insert the target folder name and choose a location to process the delivery


Orbit Run
Choose an Orbit Mobile Mapping Template to define the output structure of your delivery.
Additionally output settings for the vector files, images and point cloud can be defined. No trajectory file is exported, with the exception of exporting a run part using “Segment” option.

Export the run into generic output-file.
Define the output settings for the vector files, images and point cloud. No trajectory file is exported.


Click Start Now to process the delivery to the target location.
The processing of the Delivery can be added to the Task Manager.

Original Run : Run of Version 3 as used since Orbit 11.0, see Orbit Mapping Resources - Structure and Configs
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