This is documentation of an archived release.
For documentation on the current version, please check Knowledge Base.

Main Toolbar

This pages gives an overview of all main toolbar functions.


Open, save and manage your workspaces.
The workspace menu is different for Orbit desktop standalone and Orbit desktop clients. Below the documentation for Orbit desktop standalone.

Manage the current workspace.

Composite Resource

Export the current Map view :

  • Print on paper.
  • Export as image file.
  • Copy to clipboard to be pasted elsewhere.

Close Orbit and release the registered License Lease.
The application window close button (right upper corner) closes Orbit correctly as well.


Open the Object Inspector, see Object Inspector.


Open the preferences window, see Preferences.

Save all

Save the spatial and attribute component of all edited datasets. The legend (layout) component is not saved by this functions.


Opens the print dialogue of your operating system's default printer to print the current map view as is.
If you would like to customize your print use the Layout view.

When starting a print job, Orbit will generate a map view as specified by your printer settings. This may result in large dataset request and large print file to be sent. Make sure your hardware and network is capable to handle the print job, see Printing conditions.

Printer manufactures may advise on the hardware configurations on how to optimize a print job. Orbit will behave accordingly.


Opens the Map 2D Measure Toolbar or the Map 3D Measure Window according your current Map view.


Activate the Select function to select vector objects or point cloud data on Map 2D or 3D, see Select Objects on Map.

Search objects based on a single attribute query in all visible layers, see Find Objects.


Opens the Tools 2D and 3D according your current Map View 2D or 3D.


Drop-down menu to get access to product specific extensions.


Find any supported resource and add it to the current workspace, see Resource Library.


License Manager
Opens the License Manager Window to review License status and update Activation Key if required.

Opens the About Window to review or get access to :

  • Installed product version and build date.
  • Runtime environment information : Java version, Operating System and Maximum Memory usage1).
  • Desktop log file, see Orbit Desktop Log file.

Detach and Maximize

Detach or maximize this panel using the according buttons in the right upper corner of the panel.

Help, About, Maximum Memory usage : Displayed value is equal to Orbit Maximum Memory startup setting minus Java memory requirements. Depending version of JRE, memory requirements vary between 256 to 512MB.
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