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Orbit Mobile Mapping Publisher - Demonstrator and Sample Data

We've setup a demo server equipped with our Orbit Mobile Mapping Publisher.
It contains a set of Mobile Mapping projects to showcase the publishing of mobile mapping content in our various clients, such as the Web Publishing Clients (e.g. online demonstrator page), the Mobile Publishing Clients (iPhone/iPad PanoViewer App) and integrated clients (using one of the SDK's).

Limited Coverage, Free data

There is only a limited amount of data of each project on this demonstrator.
The server hardware is a simple low-end linux machine.

This server is free to access and parties that provided the data allowed us to offer this free access to their data. Note that Orbit GT is not producer nor owner of the data. Orbit GT can in no way be responsible for the content shown and/or consequences from the use of it.

Demo resources

Demonstrator resources

If you would like to evaluate the plugins you can use our demo Publisher

  • Connect to Publisher
    • Server URL :
    • Username : demo
    • Password : demo
    • Publication : Choose your publication
  • Map frame reference :
    • Load a generic basemap and check the Web Demonstrator zoom to the sample data area.
    • Or load the bounding box of the publication as reference layer :


Check our YouTube channel.

WebClient and Plugins

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