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Orbit MM iOS PanoViewer

The Orbit Mobile Mapping Publisher makes it possible to publish Mobile Mapping content to mobile devices.
This page describes the use of an Orbit publication on an iPad or iPhone. For other use or management of publications read : Orbit MM Publisher

Download and Install from App Store

Download the “Orbit Panoviewer” app from the App Store. Search “Orbit Panoviewer”.
The app is for free and has access to a set of demo projects or can be configured to a specific Publishing server.

To access the Orbit MM Demonstrator from the app, do as follows :

  1. Open the “Settings” pane
  2. Open the “Demo Projects” panel and select a demo project

Move or Drop Pin

  • Move Pin : By clicking on the push pin you can lift the pin and drag it somewhere else on the map. Release / drop the pin to open the closest image.
  • Drop Pin : Use the Drop Pin function from the toolbar to drop the pin in the center of the current map view.

Measure functions

The Panoviewer App supports Point Cloud measurements. Measuring is possible with a single click on the on the image, after activating a measure function. The measurement will be calculated by the Orbit Publishing server and displayed on the panorama image.

  • Point or coordinate measurements
  • A distance measurement between two points
  • Clear all measurements and start over

Bookmark Publications

Any available publication for the user on the currently configured Mobile Mapping server is directly accessible from the bookmarks button.
Click and select the desired publication.

To connect to a Mobile Mapping Publishing server use Server/Service Settings (see below).


Demo Projects

Select one of the available demo projects to find the location and open the panorama.

We've setup a demo server equipped with our Orbit Mobile Mapping Publishing extension. It contains a set of Mobile Mapping projects to showcase the publishing of mobile mapping content in our various clients, such as the Web Publishing Clients (e.g. online demonstrator page), the Mobile Publishing Clients (iPhone/iPad PanoViewer App) and integrated clients (using one of the SDK's).

There is only a limited amount of data of each project on this demonstrator.
The server hardware is a simple low-end linux machine.

This server is free to access and parties that provided the data allowed us to offer this free access to their data. Note that Orbit GT is not producer nor owner of the data. Orbit GT can in no way be responsible for the content shown and/or consequences from the use of it.

Mobile Mapping Services

Configure the panoviewer to Mobile Mapping data service :

Orbit Mobile Mapping Publisher

  • Location : http address of the Orbit Mobile Mapping Publisher server (e.g.
  • Account : demo / demo
  • Account : Username and Password from an authorized user
  • Publication : Select one of the publication available for the authorized user.

Cyclomedia Atlas

  • Unlock code : get your unlock code from the Panoviewer product page after logging in.
  • Account : Username and Password from an authorized user


Possibility to switch between Metric and Statute (English) measure units.

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