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Orbit Softcopy

Reference and guides for Orbit's photogrammetry solution Orbit Softcopy version X.

  • Orbit Softcopy offers Stereo View & Edit integrated in OrbitGIS.

  • The stereoview starts from a processed stereoproject (EO-file, camera calibration report, and images):
    stereoproject coming from:
    1. low altitude aerial (e.g. Orbit UAS Mapping Software)
    2. high altitude aerial (e.g. Orbit Strabo Photogrammetry Software)
    3. terrestrial imagery (e.g. Orbit Strabo Photogrammetry Software).

  • The integrated editing tools of OrbitGIS making both GIS and Photogrammetry quite simple, intutitive and similar to operate. Registration of vector objects, adding construction points and lines, or editing created objects can be easilty done in 3D stereo.

  • Orbit Softcopy is operated with a standard system mouse or specialized 3D mouse to control position and function keys to register data. Orbit Stereo allows stereoviewing and editing in Anaglyph, StereoGraphics and Strabox mode. The Anaglyph mode runs on every desktop without hardware requirements: it only requires cyan-red colored glasses.

  • Orbit Strabo X, Orbit Softcopy, Orbit UAS Mapping, and Orbit StereoView are photogrammetric extensions to OrbitGIS. Open on the main toolbar 'extensions' and choose for Orbit Softcopy Photogrammetry Extension…

Orbit Softcopy Documentation

Project Menu Create, edit, or open recent stereoprojects.
New Project Create a new stereoproject starting from EO file, camera calibration report, and imagery
Camera Add, modify, or create a new camera starting from the Camera Calibration Report.
EO File Prepare external orientation (EO) file for import
View on Map
View on Map View project in OrbitGIS mapcanvas
View in Stereo
View in Stereo View project in Stereo Canvas
Softcopy Preferences Preference settings for softcopy.
Stereo View Preferences Use of contrast enhancement in stereo, view mode (anaglyph, stereographics or strabox mode, buffer mode).
Mouse Settings Select type of mouse, activate different map functions of your mouse.
Stereoscopy Introduction to stereoscopy.
Floating Mark Introduction to the measuretool (i.e. floating mark) in stereoscopy.
Orbit GIS
Orbit GIS Functions Menu, main toolbar, dataset list, object inspection, mapcanvas. Use full functionality of Orbit software (e.g. add, create new dataset, workspace settings, etc.)
Instal Menu Download and install Orbit Softcopy
StereoView Screen Install a screen for stereo/3D view: Anaglyph, StereoGraphics, Strabox
Strabox Screen Install Strabox system
3D Mouse Install 3D mouse
License License
Knowledge Base How to use the Orbit knowledge base

Latest Update
Orbit Softcopy Update 10.5 - April 9th, 2013

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