Context Insights - Workflow on cracks detection

This video is about detecting image 2D segmentations/cracks using the AI ContextInsights.

Step by step

  1. Open the pre-prepared Aerial Mapping Resource
  2. Inspect the source dataset
    • The image folder should not contain processed images
    • Only .jpg image format is accepted
  3. Open the ContextInsights extension
  4. Download and unzip the latest crack detector from Context Insights detectors download page
  5. Set Context Insights parameters
  6. Launch Context Insights Engine
  7. Launch Context Insights cracks detection
  8. Manage annotations > Import/Add as objects the detected 2D segmentations
  9. Inspect the 2D segmentations on imagery
  10. Optional : Optimize original images by applying 2D Segmentation and Optimize Annotations by applying 2D Segmentations

Used Data

Reference Documentation

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