Workflow on Clash Detection

This video is about clash detection using the automated detector.

Step by step

  1. Open the Clash Detection Extension
  2. Select Source
  3. Select Range of Interest and choose one of the following:
    • Draw on Map
      • Create a Line Feature drawn on Reference Map
    • Add selected Object
      • Will add selected feature from dataset
    • Add object active dataset
    • Select trajectory segment
      • Adds trajectory (if available)
  4. Select Shape
    • Drop-down menu of available shapes
      • Choose the 2D shape from the list of default and custom-made shapes. Use the Shape Creator to add new shapes.
  5. Position Shape on Path
    • Opens the “Clash Detection” tab, and gives the possibility to adjust the position of the 2D Shape on the 3D Path. By default, the shape will be centered around the path, by drag & drop it can be re-positioned.
  6. Define Parameters for detection
  7. Select Task Manager or Start Now

Used Data

Reference Documentation

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