Manage User Groups and Project Permissions

The goal of this exercise is to show to the user how to manage user groups and grant permissions to 3DM projects on the EOS Console. The user will be able to create and set permissions to users and/or user groups to access projects on a publication.

Relevant for: 3DM Publisher


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Preceding Exercises


  • BE Ghent/MMS Orbit Runs/BE Ghent by Topcon for 3DM Publisher


Create new User Group and User, set permissions to projects, publish using newly created credentials.

  1. Connect to EOS Console as administrator.
  2. Create new User Group
    In the tab “User and User Groups” > “User Group”, create a new group called “BE Ghent”,
  3. Create new User
    In the tab “User and User Groups” > “Users”, create a new user called “operator”, password “operator”. Add the “operator” user to the “BE Ghent” usergroup.
  4. Give permission to Mobile Mapping Projects
    In the “Extensions > Permissions” tab, allow access to the user group “BE Ghent” to the Mobile Mapping Project.
  5. Reload the publication
    log in using the “operator” credentials.


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