Create simple publication

The goal of this exercise is to show to the user how to create a publication using Orbit 3DM Publisher. The user will be able to import and prepare the data in the Orbit MM Catalog and EOS Console.

Relevant for : 3DM Publisher


Reference documentation


  • BE Ghent/MMS Orbit Runs/BE Ghent by Topcon for 3DM Publisher


Create projects using the Publisher Catalog, manage settings and publication in the EOS Console.

  1. Add run
    Add the run “BE Ghent by Topcon for 3DM Publisher” in the Catalog.
  2. Create project
    Create a project called “BE Ghent project”.
  3. Create publication
    Create a new publication called “BE Ghent”, CRS 3395 ( EOS Console > “Publishers” tab> “Mobile Mapping”> “Main” tab).
  4. Add project
    Add the project “BE Ghent project” (“MM Data” tab) and check “Enable Point Cloud Visibility”
  5. Add basemap
    Add the OpenStreetMap for admin. (“Reference Data” tab)
  6. Publish publication
    Use “Publish”, connect to the publication in Flash and HTML5, log in with user and password “admin”.


Flash publication

HTML5 publication

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