Manage Datasets Permissions

The goal of this exercise is to show to the user how to set permissions to dataset lists using the EOS Console. The user will be able to set permissions to users or user groups to access geodata such as vectors, ortophotos and point clouds on a publication.

Relevant for : 3DM Publisher


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Preceding Exercises


  • BE Ghent/MMS Orbit Runs/BE Ghent by Topcon for 3DM Publisher


  1. Open EOS Console
    Using user and password “admin”.
  2. Create new workspace
    In the tab “Workspaces”, create a new workspace called “BE Ghent”, CRS 3395, accessible by the user group “BE Ghent” and additional user “admin”.
  3. Create new Dataset List
    In the same workspace, “Resources” tab, create a new dataset list “BE Ghent vectors”.
  4. Permissions
    Give Permissions to usergroup “Be Ghent” to the dataset list.


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