Dataset Legend Editor

Change and update dataset legend

The aim of this exercise is to show to the user how to edit the legend of a GIS Resource. The user will be able to edit the parameters of the Basic and Classes tab in the Dataset Properties Window.

  • Relevant for : 3DM Feature Extraction, 3DM Content Manager, 3DM Publisher
  • Product use for recording : 3DM Feature Extraction Standard 18.1.1


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  • BE Ghent\MMS Orbit Runs
  • BE Ghent\Reference Data


Add a dataset and change the display of its elements using “Legend Editor”

  1. Add dataset
    Drag and drop the dataset “gent_manholes.ovf”.
  2. Edit Basic Appearance
    Open “Legend Editor” > “Basic” tab and change the name of the symbol to “20_cir_orange_star”.
  3. Edit Basic Appearance
    Change the symbol size to 7
  4. Create Classification Legend
    Choose “Attribute:type” > “Classification” on the “Classes” tab > “Attributes”,
  5. Create Classification Legend
    “Unique Values” and change the parameters of Attributes = 2 to “20_cir_white_circle”



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