Add Datasets to a Publication

The goal of this exercise is to show to the user how to add datasets to a publication using the EOS Console.

Relevant for : 3DM Publisher


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Preceding Exercises


  • BE Ghent Combining Sensors/Reference Data


Add resources as datasets and dataset lists to a publication.

  1. Open EOS Console
    Use user and password “admin”.
  2. Add dataset
    Add as a dataset the vector file “topcon_gent_manholes.ovf”, with the name “BE Ghent - Manholes”, in the tab “Resources”> “Datasets”.
  3. Add dataset to “Dataset List”
    “BE Ghent - Manholes” dataset to the dataset list “BE Ghent vectors”.
  4. Add dataset list to publication
    Add the dataset list “BE Ghent vectors” as “Vector Overlay” in the tab “Publishers” > “Mobile Mapping - Publications > Reference Data”. Check “On Map” and “On Panorama”.
  5. Add Startup Coordinate CRS
    Set the CRS 3395 in the tab “Publishers” > “Mobile Mapping - Publications > Preferences”.
  6. Reload the publication.


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