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View Action Menu

Every View, except for the Reference View has a Viewer action menu. The location and listed options of this menu are defined in the View Action Menu.
All View Actions, except Change View Mode and Close View, are available via the View ID icon fly-out.

To create a new view, see Add, Move, Change View

Change View Mode

Next to the View ID icon, the different View Mode options are available. Click on the desired option to change the view mode of the existing view.

Close View

Click on the cross icon next to the View ID icon to close the current view.

Move View

This action will move an existing View to a new position.
Hover over the ID of the View on top, click 'move' and choose another location in one of the Views or Reference View. For image Views, it's possible to choose a specific image by clicking on the footprint of the photo position itself.

To move all views at once, hold Shift in move mode and choose a new location. While holding Shift, 'move' in the View Action Fly-out will change to 'move all' to indicate this.

View Metadata

The metadata popup will allow you to inspect all available metadata of all open views. Depending on the View Mode the list will be different. Items such as view mode, CRS, location, orientation, and image specifications can be inspected.

Image Play-Through

The open view will automatically walk through the images of the open resource by activating this option. The Viewer Action Menu will change, allowing you to choose to play forward or backward through the images. To stop the play-through click on the cross icon, and the Viewer Action Menu will return to its original state.


This action allows changing the image brightness of the open resource in the view. The set brightness will be applied on all images from this resource. Closing and opening a view will not influence this setting.

Photo Navigation by Sequence

Navigate through the planar or spherical images via the arrows or hit the up and down arrow in the active view.

Photo Navigation by Relevance

Rotate in Photo Group

Rotate Oblique

This option is only available for an Oblique View. The arrows allow changing the view direction: switching between North, East, South and West but keeping the focus view.


Use this option to maximize one dedicated view inside the workspace. Click the arrow icon again next to the View ID to restore the view.


Clicking the download option will allow you to download the visible data in the active view.


Use this option to focus all other views on the focus position of this view.

Video Player

The Video Player can be used to navigate through a run. On pause, the viewer will synchronize to the displayed location in the video. Via the options menu (three vertical dots in the bottom right corner) you can select a playback speed or the picture-in-picture mode. The picture-in-picture mode will allow you to use the viewer and the video simultaneously.

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