This is documentation of an archived release.
For documentation on the current version, please check Knowledge Base.

Video Player

This page explains the Video Player of the Orbit 3DM Viewer and how to use it.


The video player is only available when:

  1. Video player is enabled (see publication settings).
  2. The Photo has the required video attributes.

Please consult this page for more information on the video attributes that are required.


The Video Player can be used to navigate through a run more quickly. Video and photo are synchronized:

  1. When the video is paused, the closest photo is opened.
  2. When a photo is opened, the video seeks to the corresponding location in the video.

The player has 2 modes :

  • Normal : The video is displayed in a popup.
  • Picture-in-picture : If the browser supports it, the video can also be moved into a floating element on top of the viewer. This mode allows you to use the viewer and the video simultaneously.

Using the options menu, the user can select playback speed.

Normal mode Picture-in-picture mode
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