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Orbit Mapping Publication

This page documents the concept of Mapping Publications.


An Orbit Mapping Publication is a vehicle designed to share Orbit Resources with end-users.

  • Track user activity
  • Lock down features
  • Add Branding
  • Share

Tracking user activity

Publication sessions can be tracked and analysed from the console.

Lock down features

A publication can be locked down for a specific user or use-case:

  • Availability of View Features
  • Availability of Sidebars
  • Access to the resource catalog
  • Access to Settings

Add Branding

Add a logo to the publication to identify with a brand.


Share with:

  • Named Users : Share with a known user in the system.
  • Named User Teams : Share with a group of named users.
  • Guest Users : Share with anyone.

Sharing an Orbit Publication automatically gives a user permission to resources used in the Publication.

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