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SSL Certificate for Java Keystore


When loading web resources via a secured https connection, the website's Security Certificate must be available (known and trusted) to Java Runtime Engine used by Orbit.
Oracle includes certificates from widely recognized Certificate Authorities with a significant customer base and global reach.
Orbit embeds the most recent JRE available at the release of a new version.

More information about Security Certificates and Java Keystore :

Connectivity Issues

Mixed Content

Occurs when loading an insecure connection in a secured session.

Invalid or Self-Signed certificates

Occurs when the Website/Webservice certificate is not known by Java. Thus the expected secured connection cannot be guaranteed, a SSL handshake error will prevent successful connection.

When a proxy/firewall offloads secured communication to repacakage network traffic with its own SSL certificate, ensure the proxy uses a valid, officially authorized certificate. Self-signed certificates are, for well know reasons, not trusted and need to be added explicitly to the Java Keystore to enable connectivity.

Orbit Logfile Error

Following exception is printed in the Orbit logfile if a certificate is missing : PKIX path building failed unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Add Certificate to Java Keystore

Steps to add a certificate to the Java Keystore used by Orbit.

Download certificate from website

Browse to the secured website and download the root certificate file via the browser's certificates manager.

  • File format : DER Encoded Binairy X.509 (CER)

Add certificate to Orbit's Java Keystore

From command line.

Go to Orbit's Jre bin directory.
On Windows

  • Client/Server
    <Orbit Installation Directory>/client/program/jre64/bin/
    <Orbit Installation Directory>/server/program/jre64/bin/
  • Standalone
    <Orbit Installation Directory>/program/jre/bin/

Execute following command :

keytool -import -alias <Alias> -keystore ..\lib\security\cacerts -file <File Directory>\<Filename>.cer
  • Alias : free of choice
  • Password : default, changeit, requested after prompt.

After confirmation and entering the password the message Certificate was added to keystore should be printed.

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