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Orbit Desktop Log file

This page documents how to get a clean logfile for Orbit Desktop Products.

Troubleshooting issue

When contacting Orbit Support to troubleshoot an issue please provide:

  • Clear description of the problem.
    Screenshots help to document and understand the issue.
  • Exact steps to reproduce the issue.
  • Clean log file as described below.

Generate a clean Orbit Log File

The Orbit Logfile contains valuable information about ongoing processes and might be requested by the Orbit support team to troubleshoot a problem. This log file contains all actions of the last started session of an Orbit Desktop Product. Restarting Orbit will remove the previous log file and create a new one.

Steps to create a clean log file

  1. Close all Orbit Desktop Products
  2. Restart a single instance of Orbit Desktop
  3. Reproduce the issue.
    Complete the steps to reproduce with a minimum number of actions/clicks to avoid clutter and overhead in the logfile.
  4. Open and Save logfile
    Orbit Desktop > Mail Toolbar > Help Menu > Open Logfile …
    Or copy the Orbit logfile from the Operating system Temp directory, needed if the Orbit application crashed or the application startup is hanging.

Java Crash Logs

When the Java Runtime crashes, a Java Fatal Error log file is created.
Search for “hs_err_pid[xxx].log” in the Orbit startup bin folder.

  • Orbit Standalone or Client : <Orbit Setup>\client\program\bin64
  • Orbit Server: <Orbit Setup>\server\program\bin64
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