This is documentation of an archived release.
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Orbit 3DM Plugin for MicroStation

This page describes the Orbit 3D Mapping Plugin for MicroStation.

Download and Install



Download the Orbit Plugin installation package

Install Orbit Plugin

  • Copy the unzipped files to any of the paths listed in “MS_ADDINPATH” configuration variable or in “[Microstation Path]/mdlapps”.
  • Open Microstation.
  • Go to Utilities and open the MDL Applications.
  • Browse to “[Microstation Path]/mdlapps”
  • Select the “plugin_3dm_microstation.dll” file to add the Orbit 3DM Plugin toolbar.

To load the Orbit 3DM Plugin toolbar by default

  • Go to File > Settings > Configuration > Configuration varaiables.
  • Search for 'MS_DGNAPPS' and edit.
  • Add 'plugin_3dm_microstation' to the expansions.
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