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All Line Legend Parameters

Basic Line Parameters

Basic Appearance Line
Line Visibility Tick to activate the line visibility and show lines in the map view.
Line Color Choose the line color, use the Color Picker.
Line Transparancy Set the transparency percentage of the line from opaque to completely transparent.


Line Width Enter a line width and select a size unit.
Line Style Select a line style.
Style Length Enter a style length repetition and select a size unit.
Join Type Select the Join Type for corners
Cap Type Select the Cap Type for line-ends

Join Type / Cap Type

Join Type and Cap Type almost have no influence for thin lines. For a thicker line they have more impact.
The Cap Type also has his influence on the visibility of the Line Style.

Join Type Cap Type

Symbol Repetition

Symbol Repetition
Visibility Sets the symbol repetition on/off
Type Select the type of repetition (interval, joins, endpoints, part middle and segement middle). See Symbol Repetition Type.
Interval Enter the interval length and select a size unit.
Offset Enter the offset length and select a size unit.
The offset is the distance between the beginning of the line and the the appearance of the first symbol of the symbol repetition. See Wikipedia Offset (computer science).
Orientation Type Select the symbol orientation (Absolute, Relative, RelativeAlternate). See Symbol Repetition Orientation Type.

Click on the “Symbol” button to modify All Point Legend Parameters.

Symbol Repetition Type

Interval Place symbol at regular intervals.
Joins Place symbols on each point or vertex.
Endpoints Place symbol on the line ends.
Part Middle Place symbol on the line middle.
Segment Middle Place symbol on each segment middle.

Symbol Repetition Orientation Type

Orientation Type
Absolute A constant orientation.
Relative An orientation related towards the orientation of the line at each spot a symbol is drawn.
RelativeAlternate As relative, but alternating with a 180 DEG switch for consecutive symbols.


Used Symbol:

Absolute Relative RelativeAlternate
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