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JDBC Database Drivers

The page gives an overview of the Java Database Drivers within Orbit.
All documentation about databases in Orbit : Landing page for Databases in Orbit.


To establish a java Database Connection, a database driver is required. Many databases provide a Java class to access their database using the SQL language. These are JDBC drivers.

Orbit supports all JDBC database drivers. But it is up to the user to manage and update the JDBC drivers which are provided by the database platforms.

Depending on the Driver, a JDBC connection URL provides the information the driver needs to establish the connection and allow the application to execute SQL-commands on the database, see JDBC Database Connections

Driver Installation

Driver configuration
Name A Reference Name for the Driver, to be used in the Databases Connections configurations.
Description An optional description of this driver.
Class The exact name of the Java Class implementing a JDBC driver.
This class must be accessible by Java, and thus included in the classpath.
URL Template
Use Jar Set TRUE to use an external jar-file containing the JDBC database driver.
If the database jar-file is placed in the Orbit software directory an external file location does not to be specified.
Jar Location Browse the external jar-file in case of Use=TRUE.
Test Driver Complete the driver configuration and click the Test Driver button. The result should be “OK”.
If not, check the Driver Class and Jar settings. In most cases, the given Java Class is not accessible for your JRE (Java Runtime Engine)
because it has not been included in the classpath specification.
If you're not familiar with this issue, consult your IT-manager or for details about JDBC and classpath behavior.
Driver/Database Download Java Class Included1)
ODBC Requires alternative driver installation No
MySQL com.mysql.jdbc.Driver Yes
Oracle oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver No
PostgreSQL org.postgresql.Driver Yes
UCanAccess2) net.ucanaccess.jdbc.UcanaccessDriver No

Database Specific Remarks


Java's native JDBC-ODBC bridge has been deprecated from Java83).
There are open-source and commercial alternatives available. These alternatives are not validated, not bundled with the official Orbit installers.

Oracle Driver

The Oracle JDBC driver is no longer shipped with an Orbit Installation. The Oracle JDBC Driver to be added is linked to the version of your Oracle installation.
The Oracle Driver, used by Orbit, is tested successfully for Oracle releases 11.2, 12.1, 12.2, 18.3, and 19c.

Add Oracle JDBC Driver to Orbit Installation

The Oracle drivers for Java applications need to be copied from the Oracle installation and added into the Orbit software directory.
Copy and rename if needed the specified Oracle .jar files into Orbit's 3rd party software library: ./program/software/lib.

  • ojdbc5.jar, ojdbc6.jar or ojdbc8.jar
  • sdoapi.jar copy and rename to ora11_sdoapi.jar
  • sdoutil.jar

Compatibility Oracle Database version vs Java releases

  • Oracle Database versions 11.2, 12.1, 12.2, 18.3, 19.x, and 21.1 are compatible with Java8 used by Orbit 19.7 and older Orbit releases.
  • Oracle Database versions 18.3, 19.x, and 21.1 are compatible with Java11 used by Orbit 20.0 and more recent Orbit releases.

Numeric Datatypes

Oracle Java4)
Number String
Binary_Float Float
Binary_Double Double

An Oracle Number will be available as String in Orbit.

MS SQL Driver

The drivers to connect and communicate with an MS SQL database are provided by Microsoft. These drivers need to be available for Orbit via an external jar-file or within the Orbit software directory (program/software/lib_database). See Install and Define Driver above.

Required Software jar-files

Require MSSQL database drivers, provided by Microsoft:

Orbit supports MSSQL connections by default

Driver included with Orbit installer or setup.
Java JDBC driver for Microsoft Access database files
Current JRE Version used by Orbit, see System Requirements
Orbit is a Java-based
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