This page describes the use of Orbit Scripts to automate workflows, procedures, and processing.


The Orbit Scripting Engine enables bach automation of any action or tool available in Orbit.
The Orbit Scripting Language is not publicly documented. Custom Orbit Scripts are created upon demand by an Orbit Application Engineer.

Orbit Scripts are available for 3DM Content Manager only.
Running a script consumes a License Concurrent Use.

Add Script

Generally available scripts are shipped at installation.
Custom scripts can be added by copying the tailor-made Orbit Script Library (.oslib) and its Batch file into respectively the installation's ../program/script and ../program/bin_scripts/<script>/ folders.

Execute Script

Execute a script from the installation's ../program/bin_scripts/<script>/ directory.
Edit the script variables in and run the batch file starting with “Do”.

Increase the memory assigned to running the script, edit the ../program/bin_scripts/RunScript.bat and change the -Xmx value.

Generally Available Scripts

Custom scripts

In addition to the generally available scripts, the Orbit engine offers unlimited customization capabilities to create tailored-made scripts for any Orbit processing.

Contact Orbit Support for more information and to create your custom script.

After installing a new version, the script folders and files can directly be copied to the same location in the new installation directory. Make sure to rename the license21.X.ini to the latest version.

Users migrating to Bentley Connect

Copy any custom scripts to the new default Bentley location ../program/script. All scripts will be run without the need of further configuration.

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