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Cyclomedia Scripts

This page documents the “Cyclomedia” scripts.


Scripts to convert the multi-resolution cubic original Cyclomedia panorama images into Orbit OMI equirectangular images.
Dedicated executables are available for multi-resolution level2 and level3, and for EquiSolid (fisheye) and EquiRectangular lens distortions.

  • DoImageCubeToSphereLevel2.bat
  • DoImageCubeToSphereLevel2_fisheye.bat
  • DoImageCubeToSphereLevel3.bat
  • DoImageCubeToSphereLevel3_fisheye.bat


  • SourceDir: Parent directory with 6-digit named subfolders storing the original Cyclomedia image files.
  • Target: Directory to write the processed mobile mapping images <Orbit Mapping Run>/panorama1/processed.
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