This is documentation of an archived release.
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Obliques Component


The Oblique Photo View Toolbar contains the following functions:

Maximizes the view for a better visualization.
Make a snapshot of the current image.
Show metadata of the current open images and of the selected objects.
Use the same Focus point for all views

Use the same zoom for all views
Measure in oblique images.
Manage Categories.
Change the setting for the current session.

Image directions

Each oblique view has its own direction in which the oblique images are taken. The directions are displayed in the top right corner of each view with an arrow of the direction itself:

  • N: North
  • E: East
  • S: South
  • W: West

Measurements on Oblique Views

Vector overlays

Vector overlays are not possible in the Oblique views.


Additional information about the active image can be found in the Metadata panel

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