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Obliques Component

Measure on Oblique Photo Views

This page describes the Orbit web browser “Oblique View Measure” window and how to perform an oblique measurement.

Oblique Photo View Toolbar > Measure icon

Measure Mode

Mobile mapping measurements can be done with a single click using a DTM or via triangulation using two images.
Indicate the desired measure mode via the “Use DEM” checkbox to use DTM (checked) or to measure via triangulation in 2 views (unchecked).
Information about the measure techniques :

A DTM resource must be available for at least one of the currently opened views to enable the option “Measure in 1 Oblique”. If there is no DTM available for any of the opened views, this checkbox will be disabled.

Measure Functions

Here are the measure functions available in the Oblique web browser :


Point measurement.
How to measure : measure single coordinate.
Result : xyz coordinate of measured point.


Distance XYZ
Distance measurement, straight line between 2 coordinates.
How to measure : measure 2 coordinates.
Results : xyz distance between measured points, distance XY,and height.


Free line
Poly-line measurement.
How to measure : (1) measure sequence of coordinates, (2) stop, see below.
Results : xyz, xy and height.


Free area
Area measurement.
How to measure : (1) measure sequence of coordinates, (2) stop, see below.
Results : xyz, xy area, height,distance xyz and xy.

Measure results


Displayed coordinate system
Point X,Y,Z measurements can be displayed in publication coordinates
The publication coordinate system is set by the administrator.

Copy Results
Using the “Copy Results” button the displayed measure results will be copied to the clipboard. Results are copied with an id and tab separated ready to be pasted directly in your spreadsheets. The measurement ID is reset to 1 when opening the publication and increases by every successful measurement.

  • Single click button : copy results with headers
  • <Shift> + click button : copy results without headers, useful when copying series of measurements.
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