This is documentation of an archived release.
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Resources Sidebar

This page explains the Resources Sidebar of the 3D Mapping Cloud Viewer and 3DM Publisher HTML5 Viewer and how to use it.

The Resources Sidebar shows all resources that are currently available in the Viewer. If the Viewer is reached via login to 3D Mapping Cloud, than the resources are chosen from the Viewer Catalog. Otherwise, if a publication is opened in the Viewer, the resources of that publication are listed here. More information on resources can be found on the About Page on the 3D Mapping Cloud Website.

In this sidebar, one can choose which resources are visible and how they are displayed.

Global Settings

  • Display Point Cloud on Image: Allows to visualize the point cloud on the View Modes that represent images.
  • Display basemap: Allows to visualize the basemap of the Reference View on the 3D View Mode.

These settings can also be changed in the Settings Menu.

Resource Settings

For each resource, the name of the resource and its type is displayed.

Some additional settings are available:

  • Visualize resource or not (via switch icon).
  • Subsets of resources (via triangle icon): Choose to visualize and change legend of subsets of the resources. Checking the Coverage option will display the photo positions on the reference map and 3D View Mode.
  • Additional menu (via three dots): Ability to change the legend, move the resource up or down in the resource list, zoom resource to resource extent and close the resource. Zooming to the extent of the resource will zoom both Reference View and all open Views to the extent of the selected dataset.

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