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Viewer Catalog

This page explains the Viewer Catalog of the 3D Mapping Cloud Viewer and how to use it.

The Viewer Catalog holds the list of all resources that are available in the console of the 3D Mapping Cloud account. This menu is not available when someone opens a publication from another 3D Mapping Cloud account or as guest user. The Viewer Catalog can be reached by the Catalog icon on the bottom left of the viewer.

My Catalog

All the resources that are available in My Catalog in the Console are listed. For each recourse the specifications and tags can be consulted.
The resource that is open in the viewer will be grey, but you can 'clear and open' or 'add' one or more resources. Hold Ctrl to select multiple resources and open them all at once.

All available basemaps and how they are used in your current workspace are shown.

  • On the top, you see basemaps available to you personally.
  • On the bottom, you see basemaps that are publicly accessible.

You can enable a basemap by checking the “Use Now” toggle. When at least one basemap is enabled, a basemap selection control will appear in the viewer in the top right, allowing you to select the active basemap. Only one basemap can be active at once.

Flagging a basemap as “favorite” has the effect of always having a basemap enabled in any workspace you open as a named user.

Available publications are listed here from where they can be launched.

Sample Data

Multiple resources and publications are available by default as sample data.

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