This is documentation of an archived release.
For documentation on the current version, please check Knowledge Base.

More Menu

This page explains the More Menu of the 3D Mapping Cloud Viewer and 3DM Publisher HTML5 Viewer and how to use it.

The menu can be reached by clicking the icon with three dots on the top right of the viewer.

Open full screen
Click to open the workspace to the full extend of your screen.

Open console - Only for 3D Mapping Cloud Viewer
Via here you can easily go to the 3DM Cloud Console to access your account info and Catalog.

Create Publication - Only for 3D Mapping Cloud Viewer
This option allows you to create a publication of the active Viewer.

Clear workspace - Only for 3D Mapping Cloud Viewer
Clearing your workspace will remove all active resources and open the Viewer Catalog.

Sign out - Only for 3D Mapping Cloud Viewer
Signing out will redirect you to the general 3D Mapping Cloud Website:

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