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Mobile Mapping View Component

MM View > Sidebar

The toolbar contains the following functions:

View Reference and Close View
The reference number is displayed on each panorama view as well in the panorama field of view on the Map component.
Click the panorama reference number to close the view

Add View from Map
The open view function is displayed on the rightmost panorama view only. This function makes it possible to replace or add views by clicking on the map component.
Activate the open view function and :

  • Click on image position : Add view, open this image pointing north.
  • Click on image position and drag : Add view, open this image pointing to the indicated (drag) direction.
  • Click anywhere on the map : Replace views, open the nearest images pointing to the indicated map location. The number of opened images depends on the user setting “Viewers to open on click”, see “Settings Window” below.

When hovering above the Map component if the open view function is activated the pointer will be displayed as a black cross.
Maximum 4 panorama views can be opened within one session.

Make Snapshot
Click the panorama snapshot icon to copy the currently displayed image to a pop-up browser window.
Via the settings its possible to include the visible overlays (vector overlays, measurements and panorama information) on snapshots.

Image and Object Metadata
Click the panorama information icon to open the panorama and object metadata window. The displayed metadata can be copied to the clipboard.

  • Object attribute values :
    • The attribute values of the selected vector overlay object can be viewed in the metadata window.
    • Decimal attribute values of type Float4 are rounded to 2 decimals. Float8 attribute values are not rounded1).
    • The url of a Hyperlink Attribute can be triggered to be opened in a new tab2).
    • The attribute “Comment” of saved measurements can be edited, all other Object attributes are not editable.
  • Panorama metadata :
    • Publication, project, run, photo id : data identifiers as defined and organized by the administrator
    • Recorded at : Date and time at recording.
    • Horizontal, vertical pixels and pixel size : amount of pixels and field of view of one pixel
    • X,Y,Z : Recording coordinates displayed in the publication coordinate system
    • CRS : EPSG code of your publication, set by the administrator and used for map display, xy search on map and xyz point measure results.
    • Camera above ground : Height of camera above the ground.

Open Vector Overlay Window
Group of parameters defining the presentation and visibility of vector overlays on map and panoramas.

The available vector overlays are managed by the Orbit administrator. Any supported vector resource can be overlayed.
The first listed “Recording Locations” are the mobile mapping photo positions displayed on map and panoramas.
Any panorama visible vector overlay object can be selected on the panorama component with a single click. The object will be highlighted on the panorama component and the object attribute values can be viewed via the metadata window.
Any map visible vector overlay dataset will be used by the map component search object request.

  • Transparency : Slider to adjust to the transparency of all overlayed objects.
  • View Depth : Slider to adjust the view depth visibility (distance from the photo position) of all overlayed resources.
  • Height Offset : Slider to adjust the display height for 2D objects on panoramas.
    • Initially 2D objects are displayed on ground level using the photo position Z and camera height.
    • 3D objects are displayed using their Z-values.
  • Visibility : Set the layer visibility on Map or on Panoramas.

Open Measure Window
Using the measure icon from the leftmost panorama view the Panorama measure window can be opened.
Read more about panorama measurements, MM View > Measurements.

Open Mobile Mapping Categories Window
Manage the availability (and visibility) of the mobile mapping categories in the publication.

  • Use : Disabled categories will be invisible, it is not possible to open an image from a disabled category.
  • Color : The category color is set by the administrator and cannot be changed.

The mobile mapping categories, their color and start-up availability are managed by the administrator. It is up to the administrator to organize the data logically (a category can be : by year, by project, by data provider, by data type, …).

Open Image brightness Window
Adjust the brightness of all opened panoramas.

Toggle Point Cloud visibility
Turn on or off the point cloud visibility on panoramas. The point cloud legend is based on distance relative to the panorama view location.
The availability of this icon is set by the administrator. This icon will be grayed out if no point cloud is available.

Open Settings Window
Publication user preference.
Adjusting these setting is applicable for the current session only. Default settings are preset by the administrator.

  • Display Viewer Information : Display image file name and time stamp in the lower-left corner, the image viewing angles and field of view in the lower-right corner of each viewer.
  • Include overlays in snapshots : Visualize overlays (dataset objects, measurements, point cloud, viewer information) on snapshots.
  • Make objects selectable : Select overlayed vector objects on the panorama component and view their attribute values via the metadata window.
  • Map Position : Define the position of the map component related to the panorama component of the map component.
  • Arrange Viewers : Define the arrangement of the panorama viewers within the panorama component.

Version :

  • In the left lower corner of the settings panel the WebClient version is indicated.
  • Hover above the version label with the mouse pointer to review the date and the method of rendering “Using hardware rendering” or “Using software rendering”. More information : Requirements for Orbit Plugins and Web Viewer.
Image and Object Metadata, Decimal values : Only the administrator can set the Attribute Data Type, see Dataset Structure - Structure > Manage Attributes.
Image and Object Metadata, hyperlink attributes : Only the administrator can configure an Attribute Hyperlink, see Dataset Structure - Naming > Hyperlink.
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