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Mobile Mapping View Component

Mobile Mapping alias Panorama Component.


The sidebar contains the following functions:

View Reference and Close View .
Add View from Map.
Make Snapshot.
Image and Object Metadata.
Open Vector Overlay Window.
Open Measure Window.
Open Mobile Mapping Categories Window.
Open Image brightness Window.
Toggle Point Cloud visibility.
Open Settings Window.

For detailed information about the Sidebar Functions, see MM View > Sidebar.
For detailed information about the Measurements on Images, see MM View > Measurements.

The navigation arrows and photo positions that are show on the images give you the possibility to navigate to a nearby panorama image.
Inside the panorama component the photo positions and navigation arrows are hotspots where you can click on. Hovering the mouse above a hotspot the cursor will change into a hand pointer. This means the hotspot is clickable.

For a complete overview on all panorama navigation functions, see MM View > Navigate, Open and Close Views.

  • Zoom and pan
  • Open view from map component
  • Open views from panorama component
  • Close view

Image and Viewing Metadata

The Image photo iD, timestamp, coordinates and current viewing orientation can be visible as overlay on top of the image.
If configured by the Administrator, the Image Metadata can be set invisible via the “Settings” panel.

Current image viewing orientation, expressed in degrees.

  • Heading : Orientation to north of the center of the image.
  • Tilt : Offset to horizontal view.
  • Field of View.
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