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Requirements for Orbit Server

The Orbit Mapping solutions do not require special hardware.
Do make smart choices in relation to the volume of data to be processed and the desired performance.

Operating System & Java

Computing Power

Depending your expectations, type and volume of used resources (e.g. point cloud, imagery, base maps, … ), number of concurrent users and the data network configuration, here's a guideline :

Orbit Feature Production Server

  • Minimum : 64 Bit OS, 8 GB ram, Quad core processor
  • Recommended : 64 Bit OS, 16 GB or more ram, Quad core processor

Orbit Publisher Server (single unit)

  • Minimum : 64 Bit OS, 16 GB ram, Quad core processor or higher
  • Recommended : 64 Bit OS, 32 GB or more ram, Quad core processor or higher

Notes :

  • Required RAM for Orbit Publisher can be calculated at about 7.5 MB per concurrent user (per image).
  • Multiple scalable single units can be combined using a loadbalancer.

Software requirements

Flash 11.0 or higher is required to load the server management tool “EOS Console”. The EOS Console can be started via http on any connecting device.

For Orbit MM Feature Production only.
When doing Feature Production in Client-Server a single central database is required.
Orbit supports any by Java Spatial Databases. Opensource and community databases are supported as well, MySQL is advised.

Graphics Card

No requirements.

Internet Connectivity

The Orbit Server requires online connectivity to the Orbit License Service to operate, see Orbit Online License Lease and Activation.

Network Connectivity

Network speed Copy time
Units Gigabit per second Megabit per second Kilobit per second kilobytes per second file of 500 kB file of 1 MB file of 5MB
Gbit/s, Gb/s, Gbps Mbit/s, Mb/s, Mbps kbit/s, kb/s, kbps kB compressed LB3 LB5
1kb 1 *10-6 1*10-3 1 0.125 66 minutes 136 min 680 min
100kb 0.000 8 0.8 800 100 5 seconds 10.2 seconds 51.2 seconds
1mb 0.001 1 1 000 125 4 seconds 8 seconds 41 seconds
100mb 0.1 100 100 000 12 500 0.04 seconds 0.08 seconds 0.41 seconds
1gb 1 1 000 1 000 0000 125 000 0.004 seconds 0.008 seconds 0.041 seconds

The network speed units are expressed in Bits per second (no Bytes). In the rightmost columns the equivalent copy time is calculated for one file e.g. a panorama image. Note that this is in ideal conditions, only if the entire network capacity can be used.

Connection between Orbit Server - desktop Client

Network Connection
In a production environment it is important to have a fast network connection between Orbit Clients, the Orbit Server and, if applicable, the data server. At least a 1 GBit connection is recommended.

Orbit Server - desktop Client communication requires one port to operate, default configuration port 1100.
If required this can be reconfigured.

Connection between Orbit Publisher - publishing Clients

Internet/Intranet Connection
When hosting a Publisher, take the Server upload and Client download speed into account relative to the average size of the images and the amount of images to be served within a given time frame.

Orbit Publisher (server) - publishing Client communication requires one port to operate, default configuration port 1100.
If required this can be reconfigured, but we do advise to use a reverse proxy : Requirements for Orbit Publisher


No special requirements for the orbit software installation. A clean install is about 500MB. More attention is required to manage and organize the huge volume of mapping resouces.

Data Storage and File Access

The Orbit Server will require file access. One exception for mobile mapping resources were data access can be either direct client file access or served by the Orbit Server.
More information about Data Storage and File Access, see Requirements for Orbit Desktop.

Example Configurations

Orbit Feature Production Server

Hardware requirements for client-server, 10 concurrent users :

  • Server : 64bit, 8 to 16GB RAM.
  • Client : 64bit, 4 to 8GB RAM, Intel core i7 or equivalent.
  • Network : 1 Gbps or more.

Orbit Publisher Server

Hardware requirements for hosting, 100 concurrent users :

  • Server : 64bit, 16 to 32GB RAM.
  • Network : 1 Gbps or more.
  • Internet Upload1) : 200 Mbps or more, direct to backbone
  • Storage : High performance storage.
If applicable
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