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Requirements for Orbit Publisher

This page describes the additional Server requirements for Orbit Publisher :

Web Server

The Orbit Publisher includes a Web Server supporting Http or Https.
For direct Http or Https web service communication additional tools like Microsoft's Internet Information Service, Apache or others are not required.


By default the Orbit Publisher Web Server uses the Http protocol. Additional configurations and conditions must be met to setup Https secure communication. A Java KeyStore file derived from Authorization Certificate is required.

Certificate submitting and KeyStore file creation must be completed by the company's IT team or hosting partner prior to re-configuring the Orbit Web Server from Http into Https.
More information, see Wikipedia Java Keystore.
Additional server side configurations, see Orbit Enterprise Service.

Internet access

If you would like to make your Orbit Publications available via the internet, public access to the Orbit Service is required. It can be either via direct or indirect access :

  • Direct access : Clients communicate directly with the Orbit Http or Https Service
  • Indirect access : Client communication is redirected or guided by a proxy

Setup and management of firewall, port forwarding or proxy server and server domain name belong to the responsibility of the company's IT team or hosting partner.

Indirect Access

Depending your corporate IT procedures use of port forwarding or (reverse) proxy may be advised or required. However direct communication with the Orbit Service will always be fastest.
More information, see Wikipedia Port Forwarding and Proxy Server.

Domain Name

We highly recommend the use of a domain name to refer to the Orbit server.
More information, see Wikipedia Domain Name System.

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