Uploading images with EXIF headers to ContextShare

This video is about uploading Mobile Mapping images with EXIF headers (planars) to ProjectWise ContextShare. The same workflow is applied for Aerial Mapping with EXIF headers (planars) using the associated procedures.

Step by step

  1. Add “Template” for images with EXIF headers to your installation
    1. Download specific Mobile Mapping template, see Mapping Resource Import Templates
    2. Open the Orbit 3DM Import And Upload Tool
    3. Add “Template”
  2. Import images with EXIF headers
    1. Create Mobile Mapping Resource
    2. Import source images
    3. Review import for QC under Map 2D and Mobile Mapping Tab
  3. Prepare Reality Data for web viewing
    1. Optimize imagery
    2. Calculate metadata
    3. Verify the ready-to-upload status
  4. Upload Reality Data
    1. Upload the Mapping Resource to ContextShare to an associated project
    2. Data will be stored and available for download
  5. Review Reality Data Online
    1. Open resources in the Reality Data Web Viewer

Used Data

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