Georeferencing point cloud using Control points

Step by step

  1. Extensions > Ground control points > add the points
  2. Catalog > open the mobile mapping to georeferenced and choose “Georeference”
  3. Under Tools > Georeference > Point cloud > Measure options > under 3D Hover select “Point cloud flat surface intersection”
  4. Under Tools > Georeference > Point cloud > click each reference point in the “Georeference Point cloud Tab” using “Measure New Resource”
  5. Choose a Method transformation > optimal for point cloud could be “Orthonormal XY”
  6. Save the transformation
  7. A new textfile with the georeference details will be made and saved under the same path as the location of the georeferenced > orbit_mapping_run.georeference.oxml. Deleting this file will delete the georeference.

Reference Documentation

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