Georeference Mapping Resources using Ground Control Points

Prerequisites :

  • The source data should be imported into a mapping resource with the same CRS as the reference data
  • Example: Ground Control Points (.ovf file) should be prepared in the same CRS as the mapping resource

Step by step

  1. Open the pre-prepared Mapping Resource
  2. Open the pre-prepared Ground Control Points
  3. Under Preferences > 3D Hover and Measurements> Set Measure technique to “Point Cloud Closest Point”
  4. Extensions > Ground control points > add the Ground Control Points
  5. Resources Catalog > select the opened mapping resource > right click and choose “Georeference Resource”
  6. Under Georeference tool > Reference Points > click each reference point in the “Georeference Point cloud Tab” using “Measure New Resource”; the measures are based on your already imported Ground Control Points
  7. Choose a Method transformation > optimal/recommended “Orthonormal XY”
  8. Save the transformation. A new textfile with the georeference details will be created and saved under the same path as the location .omr file “xxxxx.georeference.oxml”. Deleting this file will delete the georeference.
  9. Under Manage > Consolidation > Create a new georeferenced mapping resource based on the saved coordinate transformation.

Reference Documentation

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