Measure and Save

This video is about making basic 3D point measurements and saving them in a point vector layer.

  • At 1:16 the Puzzle Icon gets toggled on, to activate the visibility of the vector on the spherical view mode.

Step by step

  1. Open the pre-prepared Mobile Mapping Resource
    • Add the point.ovf file from the CA Toronto > Reference Data folder by drag and drop
  2. Measure a point value
  3. Inspect point.ovf file attribute table
  4. Set 3D Hover preferences
  5. Create a new point measure
  6. Set dataset to recordable
  7. Save the measure to the point.ovf file
  8. Inspect attribute table
  9. Visualize point in the Mobile mapping Tab view
  10. Set new legend
  11. Inspect the new rendering
  12. Create a pole measure
  13. Save the measure to the point.ovf file

Used Data

Reference Documentation

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