Training 2023 February

Orbit 3DM

General presentation & concepts & migration

Orbit 3DM Manage and Extract

Concepts & installation

Getting started & framework & key concepts

Open & Explore & Navigate

Import mapping resources

  • Source mapping resources
  • Import Template
  • Target mapping resources

Manage & focus

  • Delivery
  • Point clouds colorization
  • Orthoimages from point clouds

Point Clouds selection and classification for Measurements

  • Point clouds clip by height
  • Point clouds change detection
  • Point clouds semi-auto & auto detection

Upload and View Data

  • Verify resources' status
  • Upload to the cloud
  • Verify resources' upload status in the cloud

Orbit 3DM Publisher Console


Orbit 3DM Publisher Viewer


Orbit 3DM Cloud Console


Orbit 3DM Cloud Viewer


Orbit 3DM Plugins

QGIS Plugin

Orbit 3DM what's new 2023

  • WMS/WFS connection
  • Ortho generation from point clouds
  • Plugins documentation downloadable products
  • Publisher Console updates

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