Training 2023 February

Orbit 3DM

General presentation & concepts & migration

Orbit 3DM Manage and Extract

Concepts & installation

Getting started & framework & key concepts

Open & Explore & Navigate

Import mapping resources

  • Source mapping resources
  • Import Template
  • Target mapping resources

Manage & focus

  • Delivery
  • Point clouds colorization
  • Orthoimages from point clouds

Point Clouds selection and classification for Measurements

  • Point clouds clip by height
  • Point clouds change detection
  • Point clouds semi-auto & auto detection

Upload and View Data

  • Verify resources' status
  • Upload to the cloud
  • Verify resources' upload status in the cloud


Orbit 3DM Cloud Console and Viewer

Create Publication

  • Resource versus Publication
  • Console versus Viewer
  • Cloud account users versus Guest users
  • Orbit 3DM Cloud versus Orbit 3DM Publisher

Share and update a Publication

  • Publication sharing option in the Console
  • Publication sharing option in the Viewer
  • Free publications at user’s disposal


Orbit 3DM Plugins

QGIS Plugin

Orbit 3DM what's new 2023

  • WMS/WFS connection
  • Ortho generation from point clouds
  • Plugins documentation downloadable products
  • Publisher Console updates

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